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Very nice people

-Heidi Milliken

I love Ruhl & Lux, P.A.

-Rovel Hossain

Great group of lawyers. Excellent communication. Persistent attorneys who are very knowledgeable about the law.

-Jeff Siegal

Rick and Robert are the best lawyers you can come across! Profecionalism , exceptional knowledge of the law and deep understanding of falsely accused clients ! They do miracles and safe lives of innocent people! Integrity honesty,persistence, and human approach to the hardest life situations! Thank you for everything you do! You are the blessing for all of us.! Thank you again for everything you have done for me!!

-Olena Evans

I wish I had the adjectives to properly describe how RSL Law took care of me in my time of need. I never thought I would find myself in a crazy predictament like this one but with one call Mr. Lux was there on short notice to help with being released that morning. He was avaible for every question and and concern which made the process bearable all the way thru to having the charges dismissed. Very thankful, strongly recommend RSL Law!!

-Raistlin T

These guys did a great job on my case. They took care of everything on a timely and professional manner , definitely made the process a lot easier and less stressful. Since the first day I spoke with Mr.Ruhl, I knew I wanted him as my attorney and him and Mr.Sidall did exactly what they promised. I highly recommend these guys on your team if you want to Win your case. Thank you guys for an awesome job.

-Sam Mora

I had called several attorneys throughout Charlotte county who never returned my calls. Not only did Ruhl & Siddall call me back right away, they helped resolve my situation in the most efficient way possible. I also want to thank Jennifer who understood the situation and promptly assisted me. All in all, excellent service.

-Zachary Harris

I am unable to edit my previous review – I gave Rick one star, and I am happy to report that today I would give him 5 stars.
It has been a long and difficult road, and I think a lot of times we are looking for others to blame when our own choices catch up with us. I don’t feel you’d be better off with a public defender any longer, but I do encourage you to be as proactive as possible when working with Rick’s firm. Rick is a very busy attorney, but when he knows you have concerns he does what he can to answer and address them. He has now devoted time (hours and hours) more than a year later to getting things addressed, and while it’s taken a lot of persistence on my end – he has been a man of his word and has gotten everything done that he said he would. You still have to be your own advocate, and you still need to make sure things are handled, and I think many people are disillusioned with the idea that when you hire a lawyer you no longer have to put in work and effort, and that is not the case.
He does for a living what none of us want to do – dealing with the law and spending his days in a court room. I appreciate you Rick, and the fact that you’ve continued to work with me even when I left a crummy review, you still made sure to do what you could to take care of me.

-Hailey Davies

I owe this law firm my life. I was in more trouble than I could ever imagine, I was facing serious prison time for a self defense case with a firearm and then got in MORE trouble while the first case was pending with some drug paraphernalia charges. These attorneys beat BOTH of my cases and won my self defense case with immunity and in the meantime forced the state to drop a felony “transport of paraphernalia” charge. I stand here today an absolute free man because this law firm consistently took every measure available to force the state to prove my guilt beyond reasonable doubts , and they could not. Starting from day one, sitting in jail, Richard Ruhl called ME while I was in booking and assured me everything would be okay. A promise he kept for 2 years… 2 years of motions filed, endless court appearances and never ending battles with state attorneys. Richard Ruhl gave me my life back all because of the most persistent law work I have ever heard of. I hope I am never in a situation like this again but I have not a doubt in my mind who I would call if I am. This review still does not do justice to how impressed and thankful I am for this law firm. Thank you Mr. Ruhl and Mr. Lux. I owe you gentlemen everything.

-David Wanser

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