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In Florida, there is a presumption that a child born to (or conceived by) a married couple is the child of both parents. That presumption, however, is not absolute. Moreover, if a child is born out of wedlock, there is no legal presumption of fatherhood. Only the mother is considered the natural guardian/parent.

Whether you are seeking to establish paternity or defending against it, you need experienced lawyers who will protect your rights. A finding of paternity has life-long consequences for you and your child.

A paternity case, is a child custody determination and can establish the legal rights of the parties. After paternity is established a parenting plan is usually established that gives rights and time-sharing with parties. In turn, a paternity case also imposes continuing obligations on the parents to provide financial support for the child. However, the best interest of the child is always the goal of the courts.

A paternity case is a legal proceeding where the determination of the rights of the parties is established so you want somebody by your side who cares about the outcome and knows how to fight for you and the best interest of the child.

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